Artist Statement

"My purpose as an artist is to create tools for healing and personal transformation."

The foundation of my work is rooted in traditional Tibetan Thangka painting, an ancient art form depicting deities in exact sacred geometrical proportions. Through this lattice work of geometry the deity emerges on its own, no one is the creator, it no longer looks like my work, it is not my hand, it is coming through my being.
This process creates a living mirror that allows one meditating before it to deeply internalize and reflect the characteristics and spirit of the image. For me art is alive, it is a practice. It has the potential to cut through the evaluations and chatter of the mind, softly reaching the depths of our being, transmitting balance and harmony through color, shape, and form.
When we look at an image there is an opportunity for awakening! Everything we look at evokes something within us. When I am painting, everything I experience is translated through the paints; my thoughts, emotions, fears, hopes, and dreams. It is my intention that through my work we find a deeper connection to our highest self, see the interconnection between self and other, and reconnect to this earth from a place of gratitude and reverence. Towards the one.