A Dedication To My Teachers

"When the cry of the disciple has reached a certain pitch, the teacher comes to answer it."
This page is to give thanks to the ones who have answered my calls! I owe the depth of my practice to your kind and loving guidance. 
Thank you!
 Cynthia Moku 
You have taught me how to use art as a tool for something higher than myself and my emotions through the study of traditional Thangka painting in the Karma Gaydri style. Your teachings continue to permeate my life and I love to see and feel how they have moved far beyond painting.
So much of what I do in my art lies on the foundation that we created.
I am forever grateful.
For more information on Cynthia and to see her amazing work visit her website
Ekabhumi Ellik
Ekabhumi is more than a teacher, he is a guide and a friend. I have so much love and gratitude for our connection. It is so important to have people in your art form who challenge you to grow and be more than you already are. Ekabhumi is feirce and kind, he helps me stay true to myself and the one being that moves through us all. Who I truly work for! We have worked with strengthening my foundation in traditional Indian art, sacred art, and how to hold the pole of transmission as well as allowing for an evolution of the art form. 
Murshida Va
My guide into the depths of my practice and myself. No words can explain the ground and beauty that has come into my life through the deepening of our relationship. I know this reflects in all that I do, Thank you!
Nataraja Kalio
Nataraja you have opened so many doors for me. You taught me that yoga is much more than asana...That all life is yoga, and how to incorporate yoga into all of my life. 
Thank you for teaching me how to live!
Nataraja is currently the director of the yoga program at Naropa Univeristy.